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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultra Paradise Vacations


What is an Ultra-Travel Vacation?

This is an all-Inclusive travel experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in your destination without having to worry about the logistics, finances, and planning of your vacation. We take care of your entire trip including booking and managing activities, tours, accommodations, airfare, meals & transfers. Our trips are carefully curated by an expert team who design itineraries to maximise your time, blending unique adventures, cultural experiences, historical insights, and culinary delights. Each year, we host 7 trips around the world.

How do we manage your vacation?

Once you have booked an UltraParadise Vacation, you will be added to our exclusive WhatsApp Group. This chat serves as a hub for regular updates and important information leading up to your travel experience, keeping you well-informed and prepared for your trip. Should you have any questions or concerns before your trip our travel guest manager is on hand to discuss. During your vacation, our travel coordinators will be on hand to manage the group. We work closely with trusted local guides and registered tour companies to ensure that everything runs smoothly, allowing you to relax and enjoy the fun and have a worry-free travel experience.

How do Payment Plans work? 

All UP vacations have flexible payment plans, allowing you to choose from instalment options of 7-10 months. Additionally, you have the option to create a customised payment plan that fits your budget. Upon registration, a minimum deposit is required to confirm your spot. You'll receive an updated invoice via email every time a payment is made, you can access this regularly to keep track of your remaining balance. You can pay your instalments by Bank Transfers, Credit or Debit Card. Your last instalment ends, one month before your trip, giving you plenty time to organise your spending money. 

Not from Trinidad can I still join?

Yes, UP Travel Vacations are open to everyone worldwide, you will be responsible for all visa document requirements and the cost of your airfare to the chosen destination. If you are coming with a group in some cases we can book your airfare for you. We suggest choosing the Express option when booking which does not include flights. Check your VISA Status for our upcoming destinations. All our vacations depart from Piarco International Airport and airfare is included once patrons are departing from Trinidad & Tobago.

Who attends our vacations?

Our trips are open to anyone with a valid passport, we welcome travellers from all walks of life. We strive to create vacations that cater to a diverse audience, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our trips do attract a younger crowd between 25-45 with 70% females & 30% males. About 40% of our travellers attend solo. However, with UP, you're never truly alone. Our team work hard to make you feel right at home by creating a vibrant group travel experience. For those solo we can assign a roommate to you or you can book a single room upon registration if you prefer your own space,. Additionally, we have lots of couples and group of friends attending.

Is an UP Vacation right for me?

UP is an active experience. If you prefer a more relaxing, slow-paced vacation, our trips may not be right for you. Punctuality is critical to the overall management of our vacations, If you like to sleep late or have difficultly waking up early, an UP trip may not be right for you. Our vacations are designed with group activities, like game nights, pool limes, bar & club crawls, all geared towards fostering interactions among travellers. If you prefer to keep to yourself, have no desire to interact with others, UP may not be the best choice for your next vacation. Patience and open-mindedness are important qualities to have when traveling in a group. If you are someone who tends to complain a lot, is very picky, and or finds it difficult to step out of your comfort zone, an UP vacation may not be right for you.

Will I have any free time?

At UltraParadise we strive for the perfect mix of planned activities and free time. Some days are packed and others are more laid back, most of all there will always be free time to enjoy the destination at your pace, after all you're on vacation. Our travel directors and local guides will offer expert suggestions for your free time. Note however any activities you engage in outside of our planned itinerary will be at your own expense. 

I have some more questions?

We have a customer support team ready to assist you. Contact us at or +1 868 770 7433. You can also see Travel Terms for more info regarding our vacations. All persons who wish to attend an UP Experience should begin by reading the vacation package on the travel page followed by our terms and conditions. You can click the registration icon within the travel package on the last page to sign UP.

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