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All Travel trips are fully all-inclusive, Guests are responsible for their own spending money and dinners. Any activities and movements outside of our itinerary can be arranged and will incur an additional cost. Prices on flight information & accommodation may be subject to change. Trip price is only valid on immediate bookings with down payments. Trips are only considered booked when the final payment is made before the deadline. Please read the full

terms and conditions before registering for any UP travel event.



13-16 Feb 2021

Nicknamed ‘the nature island,' Dominica lures travelers with its boiling lake, rainforest-shrouded volcanoes, sulfurous hot springs, snorkeling and the Caribbean's best hiking trails.

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TBA Sept 2021

Aruba boasts miles of glorious white-sand beaches, plenty of all-inclusive resorts, and a cute, colorful, capital city, or Oranjestad with a proud dutch history.

Republic Weekend we explore Aruba.



26-31 May 2021

Brazil is a country of powdery white-sand beaches, wild rainforests and

rhythm-filled metropolises, frozen-in-time colonial towns to landscapes of red-rock canyons, thundering waterfalls.



25-31 Aug 2021

Barcelona an enchanting seaside city with boundless culture, architecture and a world-class food scene. Madrid is a beguiling place with untamed energy this city really knows how to live.

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TBA Nov 2021

Ancient sun-bleached ruins pierce blue skies as the Aegean laps at the endless coastline. Greek culture is alive with music, cuisine & thrill-seeking activities. We explore Athens & the Greek Islands.

Ghana 2021.png


3-10 Dec 2021

Hailed as the golden child. With welcoming beaches, gorgeous hinterland, rich culture, warm people vibrant cities, and diverse wildlife. Ghana is labelled 'Africa for beginners'.

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ULTRA PARADISE is an all-inclusive vacation experience and a subsidiary of the HikeNation Group. UP was inspired by Hermes, the Greek God of travel, who was revered as the “bringer of dreams.” Like Hermes, UP rewards unexpected wonder to travelers with an open-minded indulgence, leading to a never-ending journey of personal fulfillment. Ultimately, UP is a travel management company that pushes the boundaries of vacation possibility. We specialize

in creative travel expeditions that are meticulously handcrafted for wanderers of all types. Unmatched in quality

and exclusivity, UP explores the best of the globe in comfort, convenience and style.

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